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The Go-To Team for

 Soul Powered Partnership


We help career women end the pain of trauma and toxic relationships, date emotionally mature men and rise in love once and for all. 



"The quality of your relationships directly affects the quality of your life"

                         -Esther Perel-

LEARN The 5 Shifts that end toxic relationships and open the flood gate for juicy, committed, supportive love.

Love Life Legacy clears the way for the intimate knowing of who you REALLY are, free from the patterns of your past, ready for the soul-powered partnership you have always desired...


...and in no time at all.

Soul-Powered Partners and Team-mates in Love, Life & Legacy

Silver Storic is an Author and Mentor boldly showing up as a Global Connection Ambassador, leading workshops and keynotes on Radical Truth and recovery from codependency. Silver co-authored the Amazon bestseller Better Business, Better Life, Better World - The Movement.

Georgia Morley is an accredited CBT, relationship counsellor and somatic experience therapist with over 10 years experience working with women around addiction, physical and emotional body health, developmental trauma and sexual reclamation after abuse.

Together, Silver and Georgia make up The Edge Co-Creative and share their life's work of freedom from codependent themes and painful relationship patterns that oppress relationships and keep couples from experiencing true intimacy. Their work is elevating men and women beyond their core struggles which provides more fully aligned relationships- sexuality-career goals and money mindset. Their mission to Liberate Humanity from Isolation to Belonging is supporting purpose-driven singles and couples in the possibility of building epic Soul Powered Partnerships and Team Mates in Love, Life and Legacy.


Silver and Georgia are available for Speaking Engagements/Education, Workshops, Leadership Development, Podcasts, YouTube Shows and Affiliate Programs.

Silver Storic
Co-Founder & CEO, The Edge Co-Creative
Georgia Morley
Co-Founder & COO, The Edge Co-Creative
WHAT others are saying...

"The way you love, live and show up in your purpose are all inter-connected."

FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN transform the Pain of your past relationships to live your love, life & legacy now! 


Georgia & Silver are available for your podcast!

Topics such as:

>Relationship Development For heart centred preofessionals

>Fully Aligned Purpose

& Love

>Freedom from Co-dependency

>Somatic Experiencing for deeper Intimacy

The Edge Cocreative Cetre For Connection

 We have a 4800 square foot centre for small group facilitation.  Send us an email to inquire about sharing your work there.


 Our life-changing programs can support your team and your business to come into more alignment and purpose.


We can make a greater impact if we work together.


Let's build a Self Development workshop that supports our communities in Love, Life & Purpose! With us at your side, your mission will become even more anchored.

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